2024 toefl test dates

Are you planning for TOEFL by any chance?

For those of you gearing up for the 2024 TOEFL exam, I know the exam schedule is probably the most crucial piece of information you’re curious about.

However, after checking out four prominent websites related to TOEFL, I noticed some slight discrepancies in the information. To set the record straight, I’ve brought you today’s content.
Firstly, our editor aims to provide the TOEFL exam schedule taking place in the United States. Considering the numerous test-takers in the U.S., I’ll start by listing the 2024 TOEFL exam schedule in Washington D.C., where the highest number of candidates converge.
Let’s dive into everything from the exam schedule to study tips. Let’s explore it all together.

February Update:


Feb / washingtonDC TOEFL test dates

If you check the ETS main page, the 2024 TOEFL schedule is currently available only up to June, starting from January. However, as of my writing in February, let me provide you with the schedule from February to June.
In February, there are a total of 6 test dates. The exams are predominantly scheduled on Saturdays, so it would be beneficial to keep that in mind when coordinating your plans.

March Update:


In March, there are 7 test dates. On average, not only for TestGlider users but also for TOEFL graduates, the preparation period is typically set at around two months. So, if you’re aligning your schedule with this timeline and planning to take the test in March, it would be advisable to start your preparations in earnest from now on.


April Update:


Starting from April, the number of test dates gradually increases. In April, there are a total of 8 test dates. It’s noteworthy that there are 3 tests on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with 2 on Fridays. For those who can only consider Fridays for their schedule, targeting April would be a suitable goal.


May Update:


Starting from May, there is a test every Saturday, with a total of 8 sessions. This May, with several public holidays, even those with busy schedules may find a bit more flexibility to prepare.


June Update:


June also continues with tests every Saturday, similar to May. Additionally, there are 2 tests on Wednesdays and 2 on Fridays. In total, there are 9 test dates, making it the month with the most exams in the first half of 2024.
That concludes the schedule for 2024!

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