Do you ever wonder if there’s any real difference in studying between TOEFL books vs. TestGlider?

Today we’re introducing Kayla, an undergraduate student who achieved an 85 on the TOEFL after studying on TestGlider for 74 days.

Kayla had all the resources anyone could possibly want for their TOEFL study process: books, tutoring lectures, and a highly relevant university major related to English.

Here’s why she prefers TestGlider over them all. This is her TestGlider Review.


Meet today’s TOEFL graduate:

  • 22 year-old student majoring in translation studies at “K” University
  • Total TestGlider study time: 74 days
  • Total questions solved on TestGlider: 398
  • TOEFL score before TestGlider: 78
  • TOEFL score after TestGlider: 85 (7-point score increase! )


First TOEFL Attempt: Studying with Lectures and Books

At first, Kayla started studying for the TOEFL through online lectures. She said, “I realized that all the tutors are just reading off of the explanation sheets — so I moved on to studying from books by myself.”

Since the pandemic limited access to in-person classes, she had to rely on offline study resources like books and written test material. At her first TOEFL exam in November of 2021, she was stumped.

Since she had practiced with books, reading from the screen proved to be a challenge for her. Even worse, she realized all the written essays she practiced with weren’t helpful at all — she had to type her answer responses for the TOEFL writing section.

After receiving a 78 on her first TOEFL attempt, she took to TestGlider for a realistic approach to improve her TOEFL skills.


Second TOEFL Attempt: TestGlider

With a new TOEFL scheduled for January of 2022, Kayla moved away from books and lectures to study on TestGlider only.

She says, “My first TOEFL exam was a wake-up call for me and once I started studying on TestGlider, things started to click. I’ve taken the Reading and Listening section tests the most on TestGlider, and I could even fit in a Pop-Quiz between shifts at my part-time job.” The biggest obstacles in her TOEFL study journey were expensive study material and the inability to practice the test as it’s given in the real testing system.

TestGlider helped Kayla experience a realistic testing interface in a way her books couldn’t and she believes that without TestGlider, it would have taken her much longer to improve her scores.

This is How Kayla Used TestGlider

To show you all how much Kayla has studied on TestGlider here’s her first TOEFL result alongside her real usage report:

Since Kayla knew Reading was her weakest section, she optimized her study time. The amount she’s practiced is the same as spending 2 hours every day within 1 week 🙂

She improved her TOEFL score to 85 on her second exam.


Kayla is currently preparing for her third TOEFL exam in hopes to reach her best score yet this summer season.

We wish the best of luck to Kayla, and we highly recommend practicing with TestGlider’s Full Tests for continuous improvement.

We’d like to thank Kayla for sharing her insightful TestGlider Review!


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