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Today we’re meeting Minji, an undergraduate student who got a 114 on the TOEFL after studying on TestGlider for 45 days.

Can you believe that a student got 114 on the TOEFL with no experience other than practicing with TestGlider?

Let’s find out how she increased her TOEFL score by 18 points.


Meet today’s TOEFL graduate, Minji:

  • Senior at Kyung Hee University, majors in International Studies
  • Participated in English Debate Club
  • Studied for 45 days
  • Solved 581 total questions on TestGlider
  • Raised 18 points on her TOEFL score

Studying for the TOEFL Without Expensive Lessons

Attempting the very first TOEFL exam of her life, Minji challenged herself to find the best way to get the highest TOEFL score in the shortest time possible.

Taking her more experienced friends’ experiences, she was advised that “studying hard within a short amount of time guarantees a high score.” She set her goal to reach 100 within 3 months.

“I didn’t buy a book or study guide.”

Using only TestGlider, Minji was determined to practice on the computer.

Because TOEFL is a test taken on the computer, she said, “I didn’t want to get used to practicing on paper, so I practiced on TestGlider.”

Naturally, she looked for other TOEFL practice platforms as well but chose TestGlider because of the relative amount of questions she could practice with compared to the affordable price.


5 Seconds Is Enough: Speaking Scores

For Minji, the fast grading feedback was a big help to her TOEFL studying progress. She says. “The 5-second Speaking and Writing graded feedback helped me progress and didn’t slow down my studies.”

If you’re looking for a fast-paced TOEFL study session like Minji, don’t wait for a TOEFL tutor or a grading service to give you feedback. Get your Full Test (3 hours) graded within 2 minutes today at TestGlider.

The Secret to Strong Essay Structures: Model Answers

Submitting your answers is only half the battle. After Minji submitted her practice tests, she reviewed each response and used all the features to improve her answer structure.

Minji’s TOEFL Tip:

“Make sure to refer to the Smart Model Answers at the end of every practice test!

Especially for the Speaking and Writing sections, model answers can help you figure out how to create better structures for your answer.”

This is How She Studied to Score a 114

Now, we reveal Minji’s real TestGlider study records and official TOEFL score:

Although Minji’s lowest score was in the Reading section, she got a near-perfect score of 29 out of 30 on the real exam.

She’s spent 40.8 hours on TestGlider practice tests alone, and after 45 days of studying, she achieved a score of 114, way past her original goal of 100!


Minji continued to use TestGlider after reaching her dream TOEFL score.

She said she wanted to practice hearing lectures in English to prepare for her upcoming study abroad program.

The TestGlider team would like to send warm wishes to her future academic plans, and congratulations to Minji for studying on TestGlider and getting that 18-point score increase!

We’d like to thank Minji for letting us share her inspiring TOEFL story with the TestGlider community.

Good luck with your studies,

The TestGlider Team


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