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“How much of a refund can I get if I cancel my IELTS exam?”

Many individuals might have questions ranging from the feasibility of postponing or canceling the test date due to unforeseen personal circumstances or errors to understanding the associated fees.

Today, I’d like to introduce the specific information and regulations regarding the postponement or cancellation of IELTS exam schedules in the United States.

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1. How much is the Test Date Transfer Fee?

IELTS Exam test date transfer fee

If you are considering transferring your test date, please be mindful of the days remaining!

For IELTS on Computer, you may be eligible to receive a refund of up to 25% of the test cost for transfer requests received more than 3 weeks before the scheduled test date or those due to a medical condition, regardless of the time remaining.

This refund policy is applicable for IELTS on Paper as well. The only difference lies in the timeframe; please note that for the Paper-based test, the request should be made at least 5 weeks before the scheduled test date, not 3 weeks.


IELTS Exam test date transfer policy

Also, beware of the Test Date Transfer Policy!

Requests to transfer or cancel your IELTS must be submitted in writing by email to the test center in the USA where you have registered.

Transfer or cancellation requests made via telephone will NOT be accepted.



2. How much is Test Cancellation Fee?

IELTS Exam test cancellation fee

According to IELTS Exam cancellation regulations, an administrative fee will be charged, if you need to cancel your IELTS Test schedule.

For IELTS on Computer, cancellation requests received more than 3 weeks prior to the test date will receive a refund, subject to a maximum administrative fee of 25%. However, requests received less than 3 weeks ahead of the test date will NOT qualify for a refund.



3. I missed the test.

If you couldn’t take the test for a valid reason? Don’t worry!

If it was a computer-based test, you can get a refund within two days, and for the paper-based test, you can receive a refund by submitting verifiable evidence of your inability to attend the test within five days.



4. What if there is a sudden accident that day?

IELTS Exam exceptional circumstances and special consideration

On rare occasions, there may be exceptional circumstances where you are unable to attend your test or are significantly disadvantaged on the test day owing to serious illness, injury, or another unforeseen event beyond your control.

Special considerations include:

  • a traumatic experience
  • domestic crisis
  • unavoidable legal or military obligation
  • serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally on test day
  • bereavement
  • other forms of significant hardship
  • civil unrest/extreme weather.


In such situations, you can submit a request to your test center for special consideration due to exceptional circumstances. You can request special consideration both before the test and up to two calendar days after the test date. Please be aware that we do not accept applications for special consideration after releasing your results.



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