IELTS UKVI and the regular IELTS—what sets them apart?

There was a noticeable inquiry from a prospective test-taker in forums related to knowledge-sharing, study abroad, and immigration. People seemed confused about the distinctions between the general IELTS and IELTS UKVI.



What is IELTS General?

IELTS General is an exam jointly organized by the British Council, Cambridge University, and IDP Education. While it assesses English proficiency, it primarily evaluates the proficiency in British English. It is essential for those planning to study or work in English-speaking countries, including immigration. The exam is conducted in 140-150 countries and over 2,200 centers worldwide.



UKVI stands for “United Kingdom Visas & Immigration,” developed according to the requirements set by the UK Visa and Immigration office. Unlike the general IELTS, the UKVI version must be taken only at officially approved centers designated by the immigration office. Some consider UKVI IELTS as a third module, but it is essentially divided into Academic and General modules, just like the General IELTS.


Common Features of General and UKVI

  • Similar question types, structure, content, and difficulty level.
  • Validity period of 2 years and scoring on a scale of 1 to 9.




1. Test Centers

  • IELTS: Offered at various centers worldwide.
  • UKVI: Only available at specific centers approved by the immigration office.


2. Exam Fee

  • IELTS: KRW 286,000.
  • UKVI: KRW 318,000 (Higher due to enhanced supervision and security measures).


3. Security & Exam Supervision

Higher security measures for UKVI, including recording the entire test process to prevent any malpractice.


4. Online Test

While the general IELTS allows online testing from 2022, UKVI tests cannot be taken online due to security reasons.


Purpose of UKVI

Introduced to address the challenges faced by students who, despite passing the IELTS, encountered difficulties in real-life communication and academics. The UKVI system aims for a more accurate and fair assessment of English proficiency.


Choosing the Right Exam

It’s crucial to understand the test required by the institution or country you intend to apply to. This information is vital for planning your study strategy effectively.


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