Many students planning for study-abroad programs often aim to pass the TOEFL in the shortest time possible. Between classes and expensive TOEFL lessons, it’s a challenge to reach that dream score.

Today’s TestGlider review is brought to us by Soobin Lee, a college undergraduate student who increased her TOEFL score within 1 week of using TestGlider.

She has since finished her TOEFL journey with a higher score in her second (and last) exam.

After finding TestGlider through her school’s Instagram page by coincidence, here’s how she used TestGlider to boost her final TOEFL score.

Hi, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Soobin Lee and after 3 months of studying with TestGlider, I’ve finished the TOEFL.

Why did you take the TOEFL?

My goal was to study abroad ever since I started college. I’ve been a part of an overseas study program in Taiwan for 10 days during my last semester as a freshman, and it’s inspired me to study long-term overseas.

I want to study abroad as an exchange student in Europe, Canada, or the United States. I heard that the TOEFL ITP was easier than TOEFL IBT, so I prepared to score a 90 ~ 100 on the ITP exam.

What was your study experience like?

I’ve started studying for the TOEFL around August of 2021. I quit my part-time job in September and rushed to finish the TOEFL before October.

I realized that studying for the speaking and writing alone would be too difficult, so I looked for classes that could help.

What was your dream TOEFL score?

It was a 90 ~ 100 but I got an 80 on my first try. The speaking section was the hardest. Ever since I used TestGlider, my speaking score went up, and thankfully I got close enough to 90 for my final score.

This was my second time taking the TOEFL. I took one in October of 2021, then took one in December of 2021. My second attempt had a better score, so I thought it was a good time to end my TOEFL studies there.

What was your favorite part about studying on TestGlider?

It was the practice tests.

I used TestGlider the most on the last 1~2 weeks before my TOEFL exam. Since it’s an exam given on the computer, not on paper, I practiced with the Full Test to prepare for the real testing environment.

At first, I started with the Section Tests to know what level I was at for each section. I think it’s a good idea to know what score range you can reach first, then practice with the Full Tests after you’ve studied a bit.

How would you have studied normally without TestGlider?

If I had to go to TOEFL classes, it would have taken at least a month or two and it would’ve been expensive. It would’ve taken a long time for me to reach my goals.

I used speaking practice tests the most on TestGlider. I couldn’t afford to not raise my score, and I thought I could use the section tests to my advantage.

If TestGlider didn’t exist, I reckon I’d have bought a practice mock test book and tried solving questions similar to the TOEFL.

What’s your advice for people studying for the TOEFL now?

In the beginning, I thought my English skills weren’t good enough, so I avoided taking practice tests for the TOEFL.

Now I realize that if I got my practice score sooner, I would’ve been able to study more efficiently. So if this is your first time studying for the TOEFL, find your score range first. Knowing your practice scores will help guide you to study more efficiently.

Also, studying for a long time can easily tire you out. Plan your vocabulary study days and I hope you’ll reach your dream score in a short amount of time!


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