We’re always creating and improving test prep features.

Here’s how you can use TestGlider for fast TOEFL improvement.

Get started with organized mock test sets

All mock tests are organized by set names (ex: Mango) so you can see which sets you’ve already solved and which you can try next! You can take a whole set, choose a section, and save your progress anytime.

  1. Go to Mock Tests.
  2. Select a mock test set.
  3. Select “Full Test” or a section (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) to get started.

See your mock test scores within 2 minutes

TestGlider TOEFL mock tests are graded in less than 2 minutes. Here’s how you can get your TOEFL scores fast.

  1. Take 1 Full Test or 1 Section Test.
  2. After you submit your test, you will be directed to the Full/Section Test Scores page.
  3. Check your scores.
  4. Click on “Review” to see answer explanations, tips, and more.

To see your scores or review answer explanations at a later time, go to the test set you’ve completed (ex: Mango) and click on Full/Section Test Scores.

Improve faster with lectures

*Lectures are available exclusively with a Membership.

Not sure how to get a higher score on your least favorite section? We’ve got you covered. Learn how to answer each question with recommended lectures. .

  1. Go to “Study.”
  2. Click on the section you’d like to practice.
  3. Scroll down to “Lectures.”
  4. To see the full list of lectures, click on “See More Lectures.”

Vocabulary words for everyday improvement

*Vocabulary is available exclusively with a Membership.

Knowing vocabulary words is essential for scoring high in the TOEFL. We’ve prepared a list of vocabulary words and their definitions.

  1. Go to “Study.”
  2. Scroll down to “Tips and Other Materials.”
  3. Click on “Vocabulary.”
  4. Print the Vocabulary list and track your progress as you study (PDF format).

Print the Vocabulary list and track your progress as you study (PDF format).

Find the right answer with in-depth exercises

*Exercises are available exclusively with a Membership.

Take each question apart piece by piece and learn how to find the correct answer each time. Exercises will guide you through the core basics of English proficiency  — grammar, syntax, and more.

  1. Go to “Study.”
  2. Scroll down to “Tips and Other materials.”
  3. Click on “Exercises.”
  4. Print the Exercises (PDF format).
  5. Solve the Exercises and follow along with our Study Plan.

Target your weakest question types

*Question recommendation is available exclusively with a Membership.

Improve faster by practicing questions based on your practice results. Let our recommendations help you identify your weak points.

  1. Take 1 Full Test.
  2. Go to “Study.”
  3. Select a test section.
  4. Click on “Recommended Questions” to start.

Practice each question type from the TestGlider App!

Access AI question recommendations with the Pro Membership.