Hello, this is TestGlider! 🚀

In November, TestGlider officially became a partner with IDP Korea IELTS, the official organizer of IELTS exams. Through a collaborative agreement, we are now an authorized distributor for IELTS exams.

TestGlider, specializing in global English certification exam preparation services such as TOEFL and IELTS, has been expanding its user base through continuous improvement in content delivery and AI-based tutoring services.

With this partnership, TestGlider has become the official IELTS registration center. Now, you can conveniently purchase IELTS exam vouchers directly from the TestGlider website. ( > Go to Buy IELTS Voucher)

We are committed to enhancing the user experience by continuously improving processes related to IELTS exam registration.

Moving forward, TestGlider aims to be a supportive ally for more test-takers using advanced AI technology, making it easier and faster for everyone to achieve their target scores. 🎓✨

Exciting doors of new challenges and growth have opened. Explore them with TestGlider. Thank you! 🙌