TOEFL lectures are now available on the TestGlider app.

Take your study on the go with bite-sized TOEFL lectures!

How Many TOEFL Lectures Are on the TestGlider App?

There are 31 total lectures on both the TestGlider app and on the study page.

Are the Lectures Free?

Just like in the study page, there are 4 free lectures for everyone:

  • TOEFL Reading Section Overview
  • TOEFL Listening Section Overview
  • TOEFL Speaking Section Overview
  • TOEFL Writing Section Overview

What will I learn from each lecture?

The lectures cover the most common TOEFL question types and tips as available on the website version of TestGlider.

Here’s the list of all lectures by section:

Master the 4 sections, one question type at a time.

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