Hi, this is the TestGlider team.

We first want to thank you for using TestGlider. We would like to inform you that on February 13th, 2023, we will be making significant changes to our pricing model and website in order to provide a more comprehensive and effective learning experience for our users. We want to take this opportunity to explain the reasons behind our decision.

Why we’re changing TestGlider’s pricing

The main reason for our decision to change the pricing model is because of our company vision to “bridge the education gap through technology.” We have come to realize that simply providing mock tests is not enough to help users reach their target TOEFL scores. This is because many users often struggle with identifying their weak points and understanding why they got certain questions wrong. While private tutoring can be effective, it is often not affordable for most users.

To address these issues, we’ve decided to add several new features and resources designed to help users overcome their weak points and improve their scores effectively. These new features include lectures and AI recommendations, which provide users with personalized support and guidance as they prepare for the TOEFL test. We have also included features like vocabulary list and skill-building exercises to help users build basic skills necessary for TOEFL.

Reason behind the 6-month membership period

We realized that it often takes more than a month to prepare for the TOEFL. It is a challenging exam for people who have studied English as a second or foreign language. So, many people either take the TOEFL multiple times or study long enough to ensure that they get their target score on the first try. A 6-month period gives TestGlider users enough time to study, practice, and take mock tests, as well as identify weak areas and to help improve their score.

Also, we want to provide our users with the best possible value for their money. A 6-month one-time payment will provide users with access to our full range of resources, including lectures, AI recommendations, and mock tests, for a longer period of time at an affordable price. This will allow users to make the most of our service and maximize their chances of success on the TOEFL test.

Updated TestGlider pricing model

There are two new memberships: TG Standard and TG Pro.

TG Standard

If you need to practice with only mock test sets, choose TG Standard to get access to 12 full mock test sets with unlimited grading. Each timed set covers the 3-hour TOEFL experience and provides you with feedback for each section in your score log based on your practice results.

You can choose to take each section separately OR experience the 3-hour practice to get a feel for the real deal.

With the updated price, TG Standard costs $11.67 per month for 6 months’ access to TestGlider study materials*.

*Please note that at the time of purchase, the total cost for the membership’s 6 months will be charged.

TG Pro

To unlock exclusive features including 12 full mock test sets plus lectures, question recommendations, vocabulary, exercises, and more, choose TG Pro.

TG Pro unlocks an AI recommendation system that caters to your studying patterns. If there’s a question type you struggle with, we’ll recommend you practice questions for that type.

Plus, you can download vocabulary lists and exercises to include more detailed TOEFL practice based not only on realistic mock test content but overall English grammar and everyday speaking as well.

With the updated price, TG Pro costs $13.50 a month for 6 months’ access to TestGlider study materials*.

*Please note that at the time of purchase, the total cost for the membership’s 6 months will be charged.

Wrapping up

We hope to provide more value and support to our users as they prepare for their TOEFL test, while also staying true to our vision of bridging the education gap through technology. We believe that by offering a fairly priced, accessible test prep service, we can continue to improve TestGlider and help more users achieve their goals of studying abroad and pursuing their education in English-speaking countries.

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