We’re changing our name from TOEFLBANK to TestGlider.

[This is an older blog post. Some information may contain outdated information from TestGlider’s older version. This blog post mentions our old name, TOEFLBANK. Please note that some information included here may no longer be available on TestGlider.]

Q: What’s changing on TestGlider?

The only things changing are our name and website URL.
No worries — nothing else is changing about your account, test practice records, and All-Access Pass.

All of your account, practice, and payment information are stored safely from toeflbank.com to testglider.com.

You can continue to log in with your TOEFLBANK account on our new TestGlider website.

The 50% off All-Access Pass discount is still available on testglider.com
The offer ends on September 26th, so make sure to catch it at half off (~~$59.99~~ → $29.99) this month!

Come over to testglider.com and continue your TOEFL® practice tests.

Q: Why the name change from TOEFLBANK to TestGlider?

On July 29th, 2021, we launched a paid version of TOEFLBANK to provide a better TOEFL practice service.

First, we started with the TOEFL®. Next, we’ll be improving graded feedback, and providing a high-quality testing experience as TestGlider. ✈

Our mission is to bridge the education gap for every test-taker around the world.
We plan to extend our services toward more English proficiency exam practice sets. To carry out our mission, we’re working on producing practice tests for exams beyond the TOEFL® in the future.

Our first step toward providing more tests is saying “Goodbye” to TOEFLBANK and stepping forward as TestGlider.

Thank you for studying with TOEFLBANK until now.

It’s time for your test scores to take off on TestGlider.
Let’s prepare with fast, graded practice tests on TestGlider to reach your best score.

If you have any questions, you can reach us on our live chat: https://testglider.channel.io/
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Your TestGlider Team