After you’ve checked your equipment, environment, and etiquette, you’re ready to register for the TOEFL iBT  Home Edition. Failing to prepare properly could add a $40 late fee to your testing payment — or worse — could result in your test being cancelled!

Thankfully, registration is a short and simple process.
Because your TOEFL® test day is important, let’s make sure we prepare correctly.
It takes 3 easy steps to register for the At-Home TOEFL® :

  1. Bring Your ID
  2. Sign Up
  3. Assign Date, Time & Score Recipients

Let’s get into each registration requirement, step by step.

1. Bring Your ID

While ETS requires a clean table during test day, that doesn’t mean you should come empty-handed.

First, ETS requires an original document of your identification (ID). On test day, you need to show your ID to your live proctor. So keep it safe and nearby until your test day. If you do not have your ID with you on test day, your test might get canceled!

Copies or digital images of your ID are NOT accepted!

The best identification to bring is your passport. Other accepted IDs include national, state, or province-issued IDs — Accepted IDs are different from region to region, so check which IDs are accepted for your region!

Your identification document MUST be written in English — If your test center administrator cannot read your identification document(s), you may NOT be able to take your test or receive a refund.

Many temporary types of identification are not accepted, such as international driver’s licenses or student IDs.

If you do not have a valid ID and cannot obtain one, you have to contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) at least 7 days before you register. The OTI will require alternative documents to check your identity, so be prepared to provide them.

If you have your ID with you, let’s move on to signing in.

2. Sign Up

Second, sign up with your ETS account.

If you do not have an ETS account yet, click on “Create an Account.”

3. Assign Date, Time & Score Recipients

First, click on “Register,” then check the “Home edition” Test option.
Then, choose the 2-month period you’re planning to take the test.

Then, proceed to fill out your registration form. The form has 5 steps in total:

Keep your passport with you — you will need to fill out your personal information.
While ETS recommends you specify your testing center address, the At-Home TOEFL iBT® skips this process.

Next, you have to consider the time.

  • You must complete the TOEFL iBT®  Home Edition registration form in 60 minutes, or you will have to start over! ⏰
  • The At-Home TOEFL®  is available 24 hours, Sunday through Thursday (GMT +9).

Keep in mind that times can vary according to holidays, and be sure to check which times are available for your testing region.

Remember, the test takes 3 to 4 hours and you cannot have any distractions or interruptions in between your testing period (except the mandatory 10 minute break given by your proctor).
If you don’t register at least a week ahead, you’ll run into late fees.
Registering for a test within the next 7 days is an extra $40!

Lastly, pick your 4 free score recipients.

You can edit your score recipients until 10PM the day before your exam date under “View My Orders” on your profile page after registration.

If you’ve got an extra spot, search for “TestGlider” to send us your scores!
Receiving your scores straight from ETS helps us here at TestGlider to improve our score accuracy.

After your exam starts, you cannot add/edit your score recipients, and it will cost $20 to send additional score reports.

Once you plan ahead, registration should be a breeze.

Bonus Tip: Reschedule or Cancel

Even if we plan ahead for everything, some things just don’t go as expected.
To reschedule or cancel your TOEFL iBT®   Home Edition, you have to do so 4 full days before your registered test date.

Rescheduled tests will cost an additional $60.

Currently, ETS allows rescheduling and cancellations via 2 methods only: on your ETS account OR by phone.

To reschedule or cancel by phone, you have to provide your appointment number and your full name.


To register for the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, remember to Bring your ID, Sign Up, and Assign Date, Time & Score Recipients.

  • Be sure to check for available days, and plan at least a week ahead for smooth sailing
  • Once you’re registered, you’re good to go for your test day
  • Remember to run your Equipment through ProctorU, and mind your Equipment, Environment, and Etiquette!

Do you feel more prepared for your At-Home test? Do you like morning tests or evening tests? Leave us a comment below!

Wishing you good luck as always,
the TestGlider team.

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