It’s time to study for the IELTS faster — with AI grading. Welcome to TestGlider for IELTS.

We keep it simple here. There are only 2 pages on TestGlider: Mock Tests and Study. Here is a quick overview on how to use every feature and get the perfect IELTS band score.

IELTS Mock Tests

Curious about your IELTS band score? TestGlider’s AI grading system has your back.

Check your total band score for all sections with a Full Test or focus on just the section you need to improve with the Section Test.

Once you complete a test, you’ll be able to:

  • Check your IELTS band score in 2 minutes
  • Get practical feedback and answer explanations
  • Compare your answers to model responses for IELTS Academic Writing and Speaking

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IELTS Study Page

The study page is your new IELTS study headquarters. Keep track of lectures, question types, and study tools all on one page.

1. IELTS Lecture Recommendations

Complete 1 full mock test and get lectures recommended to you.

There are 33 lectures to guide you through the IELTS, step by step.

Here’s the list of all lectures by section:

2. IELTS Practice Question Recommendations

Get questions recommended to you for IELTS Listening and Academic Reading sections. Practice with commonly missed question types and stay ahead.


3. IELTS Vocabulary

List of essential vocabulary terms.

Practice using them in Academic Writing and Speaking mock tests to give your band score a boost.


4. IELTS Exercises

Extra assignments to challenge your IELTS skills.

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