One of the most commonly asked questions since the beginning days of TestGlider was: “How accurate is TestGlider grading?” So we’ve decided to ask Pulak, a GRE and TOEFL graduate who’s found his TestGlider speaking and writing grades to be similar to his real TOEFL score result. Here’s how he studied on TestGlider and passed with a 115 on the TOEFL!

Hi, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Pulak. After taking the GRE in January, I started studying for the TOEFL straightaway.

What was your goal score?

My target score was 105 to 110, but I got a 115 on my TOEFL after studying intensively on TestGlider for 20 days.

Since I studied for the GRE beforehand, I found the vocabulary for TOEFL easier.

How accurate was TestGlider compared to the real TOEFL?

Initially, when I started practicing with the speaking section tests, I doubted the accuracy of the TestGlider grades I got because they were much higher than I expected. I kept receiving fours and fives, so thought to myself, “what does this score mean?”

Once I took my TOEFL and received a 28 on the speaking test, I realized that TestGlider’s scoring accuracy was fine.  The same goes for the writing section.

When I compared my TOEFL score to what I’ve been getting on TestGlider, the grading was accurate.

What’s your favorite part about TestGlider?

The section test. It was really important for me to study with specific sections.

What I’ve seen in other products or reviews is that their  section tests are sequential. For example, I would have to take the reading section test, then listening, and so forth.

But on TestGlider, I can access any section at any time.

It gives us students more ways to learn the particular section they want to master.

I practiced heavily with the speaking section and being able to practice with specific sections was what set TestGlider apart for me.

How would you have studied without TestGlider?

Before I found TestGlider, I searched the web “What is the best material for studying TOEFL?”

At the time, TOEFLBANK [now TestGlider] was ranking number one on Google. I started preparing by taking practices right away, so I’ve never used any other TOEFL study programs.

I looked for options on BestMyTest and Magoosh, but considered TestGlider to be better. TestGlider offers much more in terms of the price.

After the TOEFL

Pulak is currently planning to apply to a Masters program in computer science for the Fall 2023 semester.

He aims for universities in California and New York, USA.

Thank you to Pulak for his review, and our team sends him a “good luck!” for all his post-TOEFL goals!


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