As the TOEFL 2023 exam format changes, so do TestGlider mock tests.

We’ve updated all of our mock tests to reflect the 2023 TOEFL format.

As most of you already know, the TOEFL is changing to a shorter version starting July 26th, 2023. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed:


1. New TOEFL Writing Task: Academic Discussion

If you’re looking for practice material just for the new TOEFL Writing task type, we’ve got you covered.

On TestGlider, you can practice with AI-graded TOEFL mock tests and practice questions to prepare for Academic Discussion, the new TOEFL Writing task type.

The TestGlider study page where you can take the newest Academic Discussion as a standalone practice question.


2. Time Your 2023 TOEFL Section Practice

Since every section of the TOEFL is now shorter except for the Speaking section, prepare for the new timer before your exam day.

You can take each mock test by section and focus on just the parts you need to improve in the new 2023 TOEFL format.


3. Prepare for the 2023 TOEFL Scores

Score report of the newest TOEFL mock test on TestGlider, reflecting TOEFL 2023 changes.

If you’re a TOEFL beginner, we highly suggest that you try out a full-length mock test to check your skill level on each section first.

The mock test set “Coconut” is a free, AI-graded, 2-hour TOEFL mock test you can take on TestGlider.

Please let us know if there’s a new feature you’d like to practice with on our live support chat!


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