Updating TestGlider Pricing for Affordable TOEFL Study Access

Hi, this is the TestGlider team.

We first want to thank you for using TestGlider. We would like to inform you that on August 16th, 2023, we will be changing the TestGlider pricing model to provide a more comprehensive and effective learning experience for everyone. 

TG Pro: All-in-one TOEFL and IELTS Prep Solution

You asked for it, and now it’s here — an affordable, shorter TG Pro access!

TestGlider for TOEFL features

  • 12 AI-graded TOEFL Full Tests and Section Tests
  • 210 AI-graded TOEFL Practice Questions
  • Instant in-depth answer feedback
  • Lectures for every TOEFL question type
  • And more!

TestGlider for IELTS features

  • 8 AI-graded IELTS Full Tests and Section Tests
  • 780 AI-graded IELTS Practice Questions
  • Instant in-depth answer feedback
  • Lectures for every IELTS question type
  • And more!

Now you can access all the AI-powered study features on TestGlider with a monthly subscription OR a 6-month one-time purchase of the TG Pro membership.

Why We’re Changing the TestGlider Pricing

The main reason for our decision to change the pricing model is to fulfill our company vision: to bridge the education gap through AI technology. While traditional TOEFL and IELTS study methods such as private tutoring can be effective, it is often not affordable for most test-takers. Therefore, they often struggle with identifying their weak points and understanding why they got certain questions wrong. 

To address these issues, we’ve launched an affordable monthly subscription to offer the same AI-graded mock test features and resources designed to help users improve with AI-graded feedback. These new features include lectures and AI practice recommendations, which provide users with personalized support and guidance as they prepare for the TOEFL test. All users can now access the Vocabulary list and skill-building Exercises to build basic skills necessary for TOEFL and IELTS.


We hope to provide more value and support to our users as they prepare for their TOEFL test, while also staying true to our vision of bridging the education gap through AI technology. We believe that by offering a fairly priced, accessible test prep service, we can continue to improve TestGlider and help more users achieve their goals of studying abroad and pursuing their education in English-speaking countries.

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