With over 326k people who’ve used TestGlider to study for their TOEFL exam just in March alone, our team receives messages across our live chat, Facebook, Instagram, and yes, even Reddit around the year. Out of all the test-takers, some also happen to be bloggers!

Meet “Yeonssi,” a blogger who scored a 90+ on the TOEFL. She’s taken the TOEFL twice and got a 10 point increase after using TestGlider practice tests.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m a 23-year old college student currently on a break preparing for the TOEFL. My dream career is to work in advertisement marketing.

How did you come to choose TestGlider?

I found TestGlider from a Naver blog.

I’ve always wanted to study abroad. Since my first year of college, I researched how others have studied for the TOEFL on their own.

I saw many people suggesting TOEFLBANK, then found out that TOEFLBANK had changed its name to TestGlider.

What was your favorite part about TestGlider?

The grading was fast. I could figure out which parts I needed to improve pretty quickly, and I was happy about that.

At first, I began taking TOEFL classes with a tutor to learn the basics. Then, once I was ready to practice, I moved on to the TOEFLBANK.

The fast grading feedback helped me fill in the gaps in my TOEFL preparation.

My TOEFL score went up 10 points, and I finished the exam with a 91.

Did TestGlider help you reach your goals faster?

Yes. Without TestGlider, I think it would have taken longer because I’ve looked at other sites too.

However, since TestGlider is mainly offered in English, it was difficult to use. So at first, I thought it would take longer to boost my scores. Given 2 to 3 weeks, I think raising my scores drastically in such a short time would have been a stretch.

Were there any features you wished to see on TestGlider?

  1. For people who are just starting out with their TOEFL studies, I realized that it’d be difficult for them to learn how to solve each problem on TestGlider. I think a tutorial would be nice.
  2. Features that can toggle background noise during practice could also help. (Update: We made a TOEFL background ASMR)

When I went to take my TOEFL, you could hear everyone else also giving their speaking answers, and it made me feel a bit shy during the actual exam.

After the TOEFL

Yeonssi is currently preparing for more skill assessment tests and the next study abroad application season. Throughout her study journey, she’s posted her thoughts and advice on her study blog.

Tune in to see where she’ll be headed to next after scoring 90+ on TOEFL! Thank you to Yeonssi for the blog review & interview. We wish her luck on the upcoming tests.

source: Yeonssi’s TestGlider Review (written in Korean)


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