For some students, the cost of a TOEFL test isn’t an overwhelming amount. For others, the cost alone is enough to make or break their study abroad decisions.

Did you know that for some cities of the Middle East, the TOEFL test fee cost is equal to an average middle-class worker’s entire monthly wage?

Today we’re introducing a student from the Middle East named Masoud.

To achieve his dream to become a mechanical engineer, he gathered 6 months’ worth of paychecks to afford the TOEFL exam.

Hi, Masoud! Could you Introduce Yourself?

Hi, my name is Masoud and I’ve studied with TestGlider to apply for a Masters’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Why Did You Study for the TOEFL?

The university I wanted to apply to needed either an IELTS or TOEFL score, and I chose the cheaper of the two. Still, the TOEFL exam fee was a hefty price for me. I took a leave of absence at my school for one semester to concentrate on English studies, then focused on studying for the TOEFL exclusively during the next 6 months. Without the support of my parents and friends, embarking on this TOEFL study journey would have been impossible for me.

How Did You Learn About TestGlider?

It was purely coincidental. I’m always on social media. Even when I study, I’m constantly on my phone so I decided to flood my feed with TOEFL-related study content.

TestGlider was on my list of accounts to follow by then, so I learned about TestGlider through Instagram!

What Was It Like to Study with TestGlider?

Before I knew about TestGlider, I used to practice with the e-rater® practice service that ETS provides. Since it’s made by the official distributor of TOEFL exams it was a credible resource, but there weren’t enough types of tests to practice with.

On TestGlider, however, there were lots of questions. The Speaking & Writing grading feature was really helpful.

To be honest, I didn’t know if TestGlider scores were accurate. I was hesitant at first but the more I used it, I realized it was very accurate.

Not only did I get scores, but I could also see answer explanations for each free-response question. I was satisfied with the practice material and kept on practicing.

How Was Studying for Other Sections (Reading, Listening) on TestGlider?

There definitely were more questions provided on TestGlider and every wrong answer came with explanations as to why it was incorrect, so it helped me figure out where I was making the most mistakes. However, I mainly practiced for Speaking and Writing scores. For Reading and Listening, I used different resources to study. Since Reading and Listening sections have specific answer choices, I didn’t practice the Reading and Listening sections as much.

What’s Your Advice for Improving Speaking and Writing Scores?

Personally, the Speaking section was the hardest for me. It’s hard to give a perfect answer within a short time limit. So I focused on the Writing section first. Since the Writing section gives plenty of time to organize ideas and revise, I aimed to get my highest score in Writing. Once I reached my goal score, I then alternated practice between Speaking and Writing sections.

Did You Reach Your Goal TOEFL Score?

My university’s minimum requirement was 90. My goal was to reach 100.

On the real exam, I got 105!

After the TOEFL

Currently, Masoud is studying with the mechanical engineering Master’s program of his dreams!

For 6 months, he worked hard to save up for the TOEFL exam fee. He studied with TestGlider to achieve his goal score, and finally applied for a Master’s program abroad. Congratulations to Masoud, and we’re happy to share his journey with you all here at TestGlider.

Our team’s vision is to bridge the education gap through technology and we’re working hard every day to make it happen.

We’ll continue to share motivational stories about those who are following their dreams through TestGlider. Thank you again to Masoud for letting us share his story!

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