We’ve improved our TOEFL mock test graded feedback with our newest feature: Speaking and Writing Corrections!

What is Speaking and Writing Corrections?

Corrections is a grading tool that scans your TOEFL Speaking and Writing mock test answers and then generates an edited, improved version of your answer.

How do I Access Corrections?

  1. Complete any of these TOEFL mock tests to access the Corrections feature:
  • Full Test
  • Speaking Section Test
  • Speaking Practice Question
  • Writing Section Test
  • Writing Practice Question

2. Go to the Scores page of the mock test you’ve just completed

3. Click on Review

4. Choose the answer you’d like Corrections on

5. Click on Correction

The corrected version of your answer will appear on the right side of the question review page.

Can I try Corrections for free?

Everyone is given 1 free Speaking or Writing Correction credit. You can choose either 1 Speaking or 1 Writing answer to try out the Corrections feature!

If you have a TG Standard or TG Pro membership, you’ll have access to 6 Correction credits.

What happens when I use Corrections on a high-scoring answer?

If you already have a high-scoring answer, the Corrections tool will show you an alternate way to answer but it will not guarantee a higher score.

Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

Good luck with your studies,

The TestGlider Team


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